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Skills of Resizing Photos in iPhoto

how to reduce photo size in iphotoBenefits from advanced technology, we can take as many photos as we can with a digital camera. However, digital picture files are usually quite large so that we have to do something to reduce photo size in iPhoto if we are using a Mac, only in this way can we upload them to our Facebook with a fast speed. Due to this reason, I am sure this Photo Editor for Mac is a good choice for Mac users. In this article, we will offer some skills of resizing photos in iPhoto, wish it will be helpful for your future life or work.

Following are the steps on how to adjust photo size in iPhoto, please kindly follow them and try to learn how to change the size of a picture.

How to Change Photo Size in iPhoto?

Step 1: Find out the photo

Since your photo are in the digital camera, you need to find out the photo that you want to adjust its size from the photo browser, most importantly, you have to connect your digital camera to with your Mac computer before you start.

Step 2: Choose "Export"

Open the File menu from your iPhoto 4 or Share menu from iPhoto 5 to choose "Export", there will pop up a new dialog box with three tabs.

Step 3: Set a format

From the "File Export" ( the first tab ), choose an output file format that you like from the list. There are JPEG, TIFF and PNG for you to choose, which are all allow for resizing photo. In my opinion, JPEG is the most popular format and it will allow you to select the good quality of the pictures to save.

Step 4: Start to adjust picture size

When all the settings are done, you can start to change photo size in iPhoto by using the small, medium and large files functions. Besides, you can click "custom" to input a specific number of height and width. When all is done, just click "Export" and set a destination folder from your iPhoto to save it, then click "OK" to finish resizing photos in iPhoto.

That's it! You can upload your images to your Facebook and share with many people! Sounds interesting? Actually, you can not only change a photo size on Mac, but also you can use a professional Photo Editor Software for Mac to deal with it in a very short time. Anyway, it's necessary for us to adjust picture size in order to make our life better!

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